Monday, June 6, 2016

Cuba Photo Tours

Every once in a while I'll post a blog entry about photo tours and workshops. Why? Because some are so unusual and rewarding they merit mention. There are those rare opportunities that come along and in some cases, I fear won't last for long before things dramatically change. In this case, it's CUBA.

PhotoZoneTours did a CUBA workshop last year and it just rocked!  It was so rich and rewarding. We decided to do a repeat this year. And, already in one year, it was difficult to find places to stay. We had to move from the Spring time tour to Fall. You don't want to do Cuba in the summer, it's too hot. 
The hype is out there and now that's CUBA has opened up to travel to folks in the U.S. the curiosity bug has bitten. It's not so much that Cuba has changed, it hasn't. But, the extra demand for travel needs has. Advance planning is necessary.

                             Click on images to enlarge     1-800-555-5765.

We have three spots left on this tour and the registration closes on June 10th.  It's an absolute deadline because of the demand for rooms. If interested in joining us, please call the number below by June 10th. Any questions, please feel free to shoot me a call.

Below is a few photos created from our last Cuban adventure. Whether you want people, great food, landscape, color or B/W,  it's all in the mix on this luxury Cuban photo tour. Hope to see you there!