Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fabulous New York City

Last week I was teaching a Mentor Series Worldwide Photography Trek along with New York based photographer Steve Simon and Atlanta shooter Mark Alberhasky in New York City. Its been several years since I've photographed in the Big Apple. And while teaching workshops, my efforts of shooting are usually centered around shooting examples for participants to peek at while out in the field. The beauty of digital photography allows us to show examples immediately. A valuable teaching tool for sure.

Nonetheless, creating photographs in NYC is always a thrilling and rewarding experience. We photographed in numerous locations around the city. Some of which included Central Park, Grand Central Station, Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, skyline images, ect. Each location offered a unique set of situations to explore and test our visual concepts.

Here's a few examples I photographed during the Workshop session to share with the group. The skyline image, shot from Fulton Landing in Brooklyn, is a 8-image panoramic stitched together using Photoshop's Photo Merge feature. And, the image taken in Central Park of the mosaic called IMAGINE, after John Lennon's song, I converted most of the image to a watercolor in Photoshop after returning to the office here in Minneapolis. Only the center of the mosaic remains normal.

Sometimes its just fun to experiment with other techniques.



  1. Great pictures and use of different techniques. Love the one in Central Park and night scene.

  2. What a great workshop this must have been....

  3. Beautiful shots Layne. The panorama is rich with color and the watercolor on the Imagine shot is very cool and makes me want to play around with it for sure! I forgot all the tools available to us in Photoshop sometimes. My favorite is the Cello shot because in evokes so much emotion with the hug taking place in the background and while you cannot see their expressions, you don't have to because you can just "feel it", at least I can anyway :) Awesome too how the bow is pointing right at them... just love it.

  4. Great stuff Layne. Sorry I missed you here in NYC. Let me know next time. Love the wave pics too!