Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There's Still Hope for Photographers-Good Luck-Good Light story in the NY TIMES

With all the bad news, like this Hire A Photographer for $10 crap, its good to see something good happening in the photography world once in a while.

Check out the link below to read more about GOOD LUCK-GOOD LIGHT. If it does not take you there directly, copy and paste the link.

And, this sort of thing (below) might become the norm for some, but rest assured it will eventually kill the photography business as we know it today. I'm not sure how it will affect the editorial world, but most photography eventually finds its pricing methods in editorial. All I can suggest, is don't be stupid and go for this sort of thing.

Its important that you understand the value of your work if you intend to stay in to make a living. If someone wants to offer someone $10 to shoot a assignment, let them use their own iPhone and post the images themselves. Even that work, which will take valuable time, will cost more than $10.

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  1. Hi Layne, Here's another scam that I experienced. I got an email from "Thumbtack" asking if I wanted to list myself in a local database of designers and photographers. No charge so I figured why not. Then I started getting emails with requests such as "need family portrait etc." The link sent me to a Thumbtack page where I was told I could PAY them for the right to BID for the job. In other words pay money to low ball other professionals for bottom suckers who want what they want without having to pay much for it. Just disgusting. I removed myself from their database of course.