Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photography In Bad Light

Forget the hassles of shooting in snow, rain, wind.  It's worth chasing bad light.

Early morning rainstorm provided a lovely sheen on the wet tracks.

 For whatever reasons this summer, the weather gods seem to have it out for photographers.

Sure, we've seen sunshine off and on. But, rarely that lovely light that inspires us to grab the lenses, go out and shoot. For the most part, its just been hot & humid or dark & rainy.

Like most shooters, I always find something to photograph in poor weather. In fact, I see it as a challenge and embrace the concept that fewer photog's will be out there. Thus, offering more opportunities to capture something no one else will get. Still, day after day of dank weather takes a toll. When the light finally breaks, you feel energized. But, the wasted time digging deep for treasures in that awful darkness that produced minimal rewards.

Welcome to being a photographer!

The diner lighting was great, but the people were in deep shadow. Over exposing allowed room for post-processing dodging and burning and not letting a wonderful street portrait get away.
 There is no perfect life, just life. Those difficult challenges are usually the ones you remember most anyway, right?  When you capture something worthwhile in poor conditions you learn a lot. New ways to see, how to protect your gear, where to go in poor conditions, ect.

Terrible mid-day light, a white colorless sky and black frigate birds flying over.....Hmmmm, what can I shoot? A perfect situation for a silhouette. Already mostly monochromatic, nature's design pops off the page.
 Next time its pouring, snowing like a blizzard, tree whipping in the wind, grab the cameras and get out there. Cool stuff awaits you.

Raining outside, but the softened light gave this still life inside the kitchen of the Grand Portage National Monument a wonderful glow. Natural poor light can be really effective at times.

Using your umbrella, walking around in the rain with the camera around your neck provides opportunities in inclimate weather you won't find on sunny days. Its real life and worth the hike out-n-about.

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