Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Snap-Volume One

A brief continuation from the last post, this idea of shooting instinctively has been such a pleasure that the idea of spitting out a book quickly emerged.

Thus, SNAP-VOLUME ONE has been published. You can find it on the website. Here's the link;

The simplicity of merely aiming the iPhone at the subject, the visual that called out, is immensely
gratifying. While this style of photography can work in certain visual arena's, it works well in this one.

I think this spells out one of the early reasons I was attracted to photography. There was always something magical about it. Remember (you old folks) the first time you saw a print develop in the tray? It blew my mind. I knew at that moment, I was hooked.

Shooting with the iPhone has brought joy back to shooting subject matter that I might not use my Nikon's for. This iPhone shooting combined with the Hipstamatic app, generates a unique visual flavor that I adore. The grunge borders, the garage band feel, all lend itself to images that look like snapshots. And, for this subject matter, that's a perfect fit.

While I could never substitute the iPhone for my regular camera gear, its a treat to play with and the creative forces that come with it are no different than a classically trained guitarist picking up a ukelele and having fun. It still takes a connection with the medium to make it resonate, but it can be done.

Don't be afraid to experiment and express yourself anyway you can.

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  1. Layne, your work is stunning and I am a long-time admirer! I am honored that you were interested in my print at the photo auction.