Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Photography Sale

When you look around our home and my office, it's filled with photographs. Not mine, but important images captured by other photographers. I still lose myself in these images and continue to collect more.

I adore these photographs. I'm such a fan of the medium. And, I'm never angry that others captured such great photographs. I'm so jealous..... that I missed the experience they witnessed. Being there has always been my favorite part of creating photographs. Sharing them is a close second.

There's basically two types of photographers; those who with huge egos and a competitive spirit, and those comfortable within themselves, sharing info, ideas, and their art. This is not to say both personality types aren't producing extraordinary works, they are. Its just different styles.

Recently, a local Minneapolis fundraising event for the Minneapolis Photo Center auctioned off artwork from photographers all around the nation who donated their works. I donated my BISON STAMPEDE photograph and thankfully it sold for a handsome amount. I found myself bidding on local shooter Douglas Beasley's photograph of a White Horse & Clouds taken in the Badlands. I loved the image! I'm called to the badlands annually and am consistently rewarded with spiritually filled visual moments. But with Doug's print, dog-gone-it, I was outbid.

While my works appear in several galleries, we also sell prints right out of our office. I rarely advertise for sales, because with so much work, and the constant renewal of recently created images, I have no idea where to start. I dunno, maybe its because I'd rather shoot than print and frame? It seems to work out naturally, and I guess I adhere to the concept of "if it ain't broken, don't fix it."

This last year, for whatever reason, we saw a small collection of images sell more than others. We have no idea why these particular photographs caught on? Many of these images have been around for a long time, so why now?  I can't predict this sort of thing, but we can respond to it.

We've decided to offer a sale of these images for the remainder of this holiday season.

All prints will be printed as acid free, fine art archival giclee' prints on radiant white Somerset Velvet watercolor museum quality 505 gsm weight paper. Please allow at least one week for printing. Please email us with any questions.


layne & gang

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